Suzanne Edge

Special guest

Suzanna currrenlty works as a doctor in Scotland, in Orthopaedic Surgery.
She did an earlier degree in Molecular and Cell Biology
Always been very active, karate mad, rugby mad and being in the Territorial Army and despite having a "healthy" diet she put on more and more weight which was super frustrating.

She first came across low carb diets a decade ago after her brother gave her a copy of The Diet Delusion by Gary Taubes. Interestingly she did nothing about it for ten years! Then a year ago she snapped and one day dropped carbs and turned to a keto diet. It has completely changed her outlook on everything. She has lost 32 lb so far with more to come.

She is back to Martial Arts (Orange Belt) but broke recently, a nasty break into the wrist joint which needed plates and screws - it left her feeling vulnerable to the pull of sugar and comfort food but managed to get through it with intermittent fasting as well as low carb.

She lives with my husband Derek (accountant and mountain rescue team member) and her girls (11 and 9) and a new Springer puppy.
She's just graduated with a Masters in Modern History, learning skills of research and writing in a on-clinical setting which has led to my current research and writing of a book about lifestyles and the future of the health service.

Suzanne Edge has been a guest on 2 episodes.