Dani McFerran

Special guest

Dani is enjoying a strong career in the international design community for some 14 years; currently Founder and Creative Director of Done and Dusted Design, Belfast, NI. They relocated to Manhattan, NYC - a temporary move to work closely with some USA clients whilst completing a series of lectures in the prestigious St Josephs University, Philadelphia in innovative food marketing, branding and packaging design. After this, they enjoyed a short stint in Dubai, UAE and more recently Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dani's abilities and interests lie in a wide spectrum of design and have taken her to many more creative places than solely graphics – She has designed mobile phones for LG Electronics in Dublin, Ireland; designed and manufactured lighting products for GE Plastics in Cleveland, OH; concepted wearable technology in a joint project with Compaq and Levi in Savannah, GA; developed new ceramics for the iconic Irish pottery legend Belleek Living, Ireland; has been design and brand manager at the 5th largest law firm in the world, Allen & Overy in Shoreditch, London, UK where she managed a team of 13 designers across London and Belfast; art directed photoshoots.

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