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The Amazing Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

They are many scientific studies published showing a host of benefits certain mushrooms provide. In fact much more than I would have ever imagined. Benefits such as, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour & antioxidant capabilities. Now I am not talking about your average button mushroom you throw into a stir fry, these are very specific varieties that have been analysed and seem to be used as more of a supplement, or perhaps you'd drop a bit of the dried powder into a drink from time to time. You can even get mushroom enhanced coffee that gives you less of a jittery buzz and more of a clear head to set you on your way for the day.

Let’s breakdown a few of the different kinds:

Chaga Mushrooms

Grow on the bark of birch trees, dark in colour, contain high density of antioxidants, phytosterols, & polysaccharides. Elements you maybe don't hear about every day, or have a clue what they are. Antioxidants I'm sure you will have heard of, they remove potentially harmful...

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