Building A Better Body

Karen shares her own knowledge on building a better body, mind & soul with a little help from guests along the way

About the show

The BBB Podcast is now in hiatus, no need to be sad though, you can still continue to enjoy the archived episodes below, and even better, you can now join Karen over on her new Show, Enligten Co-Hosted with Donna Lennon

This podcast hopes to inspire and open your mind to the many elements that go towards creating a strong and capable body. Karen will share her opinion along with the latest findings from the world of science, news and everywhere in between. She is not here to dictate, but to show you there are other ways than you perhaps have been taught in the past in order to feel better, to heal and to truly thrive. She often brings guests along for the ride as she loves to be the platform for others.
Have a listen and let’s have some fun!

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  • Episode 114: Movement & Mobility with John Lindsey

    November 7th, 2019  |  Season 9  |  33 mins 40 secs
    exercise., flexibility, john lindsey, mobility, strength

    To finalise season 9 Karen is talking to John Lindsey, John is a Personal Trainer and movement specialist. John has the most inspirational Instagram account where he shares his movement journey in the form of videos. After this episode I'm sure you'll want to change up your gym routine a little and perhaps look into some different footwear! Enjoy!

  • Episode 113: Food Lies With Brian Saunders

    October 31st, 2019  |  Season 9  |  42 mins 27 secs
    brian saunders, food lies, sapien

    Today Karen is talking to Filmmaker Brian Saunders about his up and coming documentary Food Lies. We have been conditioned for years on eating a diet that is far from optimal. People are more sick than ever with chronic illnesses becoming almost normal. Food Lies, the documentary questions everything we have been told, and will leave you thinking much more about what you choose to eat. Enjoy this conversation with Karen and Brian.

  • Episode 112: Private GP Care and the Importance of Self Discovery with Dr. Siobhan Graham

    October 24th, 2019  |  Season 9  |  48 mins 3 secs
    doctor, holistic, siobhan graham, travel., vitalis health

    Today Karen talks to Doctor Siobhan Graham, Siobhan is a private GP, and runs her practice Vitalis Health from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She talks us through her journey from travelling alone, and how pivotal it was in discovering her purpose. Siobhan is open, honest and inspiring to listen to, please enjoy the show!

  • Episode 111: Karen Is Interviewed By Suzanne Edge

    October 17th, 2019  |  Season 9  |  38 mins 11 secs
    about me, carnivore, help, host, karen interview, keto, passion, wellbeing

    Today the tables are turned once more. Karen was interviewed by Suzanne Edge from the What If Health Podcast (soon to be renamed Like A Human) she thought the conversation was great so it's now a show for BBB season 9. Listen to Karen tell more of her story about how she came to be a podcaster, how she is passionate about helping people and lots of other chat in between. Thank's Suz for all the great conversation!

  • Episode 110: Sonny Blondstein Dent

    October 10th, 2019  |  Season 9  |  33 mins 40 secs
    guy health, meat eater, sleep, sonny blondestein dent.

    Today Karen welcomes Sonny Blondstein Dent back on the show for a second time. Sonny talks about the importance of sunlight exposure and the effect it has on our sleep quality, also using technology in bed, as well as his favourite topic, gut health. Sonny tells us about one of his favourite foods, listen in to hear what it is!

  • Episode 109: Break Free From Habits & Anxiety with Dr. Amy Johnson

    October 3rd, 2019  |  Season 9  |  29 mins 17 secs
    amy johnson, anxiety, eating disorders., habits

    Listen to Karen talk to Dr. Amy Johnston a Social Psychologist who has gone from having pretty debilitating social anxiety and some disordered eating habits to someone who is running her own online school to help others through their anxieties and habits they wish to break.

  • Episode 108: How to Fix Your Myopia with Jake Steiner

    September 26th, 2019  |  Season 9  |  40 mins 37 secs
    eye health, eyes, jake steiner, myopia.

    Today on the show Karen is talking to Jake Steiner about Myopia. Jake runs the site and has a huge following. Jake believes that the optometry industry is flawed and that there are many way in which we can correct this type of eye sight problem.