Episode 96

Getting to Grips with Social Media for Business with Louise Brogan


May 23rd, 2019

31 mins 24 secs

Season 7

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Listen to Karen interview Louise Brogan from the Brand Social Bee NI. Louise is a social media expert, she helps businesses understand online marketing via her workshops on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Louise also has her own podcast with the same name and has wonderful guests sharing their expertise. This is great motivational converstation. We hope you go away with a desire to change your course in career if the desire is there, and by surounding yourself with the right people anything is possible. Enjoy!

Mentioned On The Show

Louise's Course
Discount Code: Social-Bee-Trial

Louise's Mastermind

James Wedmore

Stu McLaren

John Lee Dumas

Satori Time

Seth Godin

Amy Porterfield

Biz Chick

Speaking Your Brand

Janet Murray

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