Episode 74

Empowerment - Interview with Trionna Ashton


October 18th, 2018

46 mins 26 secs

Season 4

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Today you will hear all about empowerment, what it means to Trionna and Karen and some tips that you might like to try incorpotating into your own life. A wonderful dicussion that could help you tap into your inner self more, create new stories about yourself and become that amazing person you are truly meant to be.

Mentioned in the Show

Trionna's first episode

Yoga App Karen Uses

The Four Agreements Book

World Towning

*15 Ways to Empower Others *

  • Smile
  • Be Postive
  • Give Genuine Compliments
  • Challenge Others
  • Encourage Creation
  • Do Things Together
  • Share Ideas
  • Teach
  • Participate
  • Travel
  • Mobilise
  • Live Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • Make Connections
  • Pay it Forward
  • Trust the Karam

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