Episode 63

Imposter Syndrome - Interview with Trisha Barker


June 21st, 2018

42 mins 15 secs

Season 2

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On the show today Karen talks to Trisha Barker who has created the Imposter Syndrome Solution. Have you ever felt like you were out of your depth in work, perhaps felt like a fraud or out of place? Do you often feel a sense of crippling self doubt? Trisha would like you to know that you are not alone and there are steps you can take to break out of your negative self talk, and really own your success.

Mentioned in the Show

"There is a fine line between self deprecation and self destruction".

"Focus on what you are really good at, and become even better, forget about the rest, leave that to someone else".

"Write down 3 things you have achieved today".

"All's well that starts well, carve out time in the morning for you".

"Do something for yourself before you open yourself up to the rest of the world".

Telegraph Article - Why Do Women Feel Like Frauds?

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"Karen's Top Strengths: - Empathy, Activator, Developer, Indivisualisation, Adaptability".

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