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Professional administration, online course creation and assistant services for the busy entrepreneur

Concentrate on your passion while Karen does the rest


Hi there,

Karen here, I want to help take the pressure off a little, I want you to have all the time in the world to bring your passion alive, and leave the rest up to me. Perhaps you haven't got enough time to get all the back end work done on your projects, perhaps you'd rather not learn how to edit your own podcast, or maybe you want to send me word documents and put them into an online course.

Whatever your goal, I want to help make it a smooth journey. Check out what I can do for you and your business on my services page.

“Karen has been known to our business for a number of years, any work she has done has always been first class, on time and at a reasonable cost. She is passionate/professional and thinks outside the box, plus fun to be around. Highly recommended! “

— Jim Murdock, Buisness Owner
Karen is always patient, articulate, clear in instruction and caring. She has the gift of making complex things appear simple.
— Doreen McBride, Author
Karen is a fantastic ambassador for any company, using her personality and wide breadth of skills to ensure amazing customer focus. An asset and a wealth of knowledge and experience Karen has always rose above the norm as an outstanding and determined individual.
— Paul Olphert, Founding Partner