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Nutrition | Movement | Meditation

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As a certified Primal Health Coach Karen believes eating as close to nature as possible has monumental effects on how we feel, act and show up in the world.


We all know exercise is good for us, but how exactly we choose to move each day is important. Furthermore, as adults we have forgotten the art of play, this is important for cognitive health and cultivating creativity.


We live in an extremely fast paced world today, and we are more often than not in fight or flight mode. Learning to be present with the breath and go off grid every now and again has wonderful benefits.

Latest Podcast Episode

Episode 100 is with Nutritional Practitioner Cassie Wild. Tune in and listen to Cassie chat to Karen about lifting weights, eating steak and raisin healthy kids.

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Sleep is one of your most important pillars of health. I created a FREE guide for you to understand the importance and gain some tips on getting that better night's kip.

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